COVID-19 update

Just checking in with you all, and hoping everyone is ok.

Hope you’re all doing well, looking after yourselves and each other, plus staying as positive and connected as possible, in these uncertain isolated times. We know everyone is doing their best to help out and support their neighbours, communities and being mindful of others, as well as looking out for and after your loved ones, plus your own vital wellbeing. So heartwarming to see and hear stories of people doing just that, every day, as well as the inspiring acts of all NHS and all frontline key workers, which we’re all super thankful for. Being kind and thoughtful is the greatest gift, from the heart, to be treasured always.

Just to update you, Dolly is still here, and persevering! She’s working hard to keep her perk up, staying positively creative, adjusting her rainbows, sharing joy, and making sure to appreciate the simple vital things every day, like glorious sunshine (when it decides to pop out). That’s on a regular day, more so during these strange lockdown times! Also important to say, all enhanced measures as per government and health organisations’ guidelines have been and continue to be taken, regarding handling and packaging any and all items, to ensure everyone’s health and safety. DLP is a solo run, small independent business, operated from home, and as such has encountered very very few actual people this past year (with full social distancing, of course)!

Delivery will take a little longer, due to the restricted opening hours of the local Post Office, plus general Royal Mail services.

Thanks for your support and love, it’s always appreciated, even more now. DLP hopes to continue sharing rainbows for a while to come.