Dolly Loves PolkaDot Launches!

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Dolly Loves PolkaDot.

This is Dolly's very first post on her blog, and she is very excited. Frankly, so am I.

DLP officially launched on the 25th November 2013, but has been the culmination of years of creative love and a passion for all things jewellery and fashion-related, a love of great design, plus continuous inspiration and abiding fascination for all eras. To see all the strands come together in one sparkly thread of an online venture has been extremely gratifying, very happy to see it come to fruition. DLP will be representing the individual and quirky as much as the commercial and high fashion, with a special sprinkling of vintage on top. I can't wait to see what Dolly will be coming up with next (and neither can she!)

So...Dolly Loves contemporary. Dolly Loves vintage. Dolly Loves (the perennial) polka dot.

Feel free to browse, pop into Dolly's Facebook or twitter pages to say hi, read more in 'About Us', give feedback, or drop me a message if you have any queries. Hope you like what you see (and if you need more, new items will be added every day).

Thanks for visiting!


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  • Thank you very much for the wishes lovely girls. Frankly it makes my day!
    Lots of love from me (and Dolly!) xxxx

    Dolly Loves PolkaDot on
  • Roxy! Wow! Just to send lots of sparkly and twinkly good luck (and good look!) for Dolly and you. Dolly may be in her infancy but with a mentor in you I’m sure she will develop in style with a quirk factor second-to-none. <3 xx

    Lynne Humberstone on
  • Love DLP! Good luck with the new venture Roxy!

    Roz on

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